A dual-language recipe book design
I had the pleasure of designing this dual-language recipe book. This book consists of traditional Malay recipes in Bahasa Melayu and English. While designing the layout, I had to keep in mind the space needed for the text. I went for a simple layout that's easy to follow and comprehend, as I understand the target audience for this recipe book is mostly seniors and followers of Madam Hjh Salbiah Wir, the one who's recipes are from. 

Executive Editors: Sujimy Mohamad, Haslinda Ali, Sharifa Amalia Md Zainal
Photography: Yunos Bin Salajudin, Md Nizam Bin Salajudin
Art Direction: Tajjlee Rahim, Syahid Isn
Book Design & Layout: Atikah Daman
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